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Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 7 in PDF format (5330K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date:
13th February 2001

Issue Status: Available Now.

Non-advertising Pages: 43.5

Final Contents

  • News
    • News Items
    • PCI Update - news of all the recent developments in PCI busboards for the Amiga.
    • Interview with Paul "ExiE" Strejcek of Czech Amiga News.
  • Features
    • AmigaOS 3.9 - Our first look at the new OS.
    • Scanning Explained - we take a look at the scanners you can use with your Amiga and what to do once you've got one.
  • Reviews
    • fxSCAN 3.0 - The new scanning package with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
    • Mustek Paragon 600 Scanner - A SCSI flatbed scanner sold by Eyetech.
    • ScanQuix 5 - The well known commercial scanning package from rbm.
    • Scanner Software Roundup - We look at BetaScan, ImageFX and ScanTrax.
    • ArtEffect 4 - The latest version of Haage and Partner's image processor.
    • EZMouse PS/2 - Connect common PC mice and track balls to your Amiga!
    • Key to Driving Theory
    • PD Paradise: Warp Datatypes, AWNPipe and SGrab.
  • Support
    • ArtEffect 4 Tutorial - We show you how to make a layered composition in AE4.
    • Top Tips - handy hints on solving common problems and getting more from your Amiga.
    • Pronet Step-by-Step - Get two Amigas networked cheaply and easily.
    • Back to Basics: Scripting - How to write a simple shell script and run it from an icon.
    • Solving Startup Problems - Ideas on what to look for when your Amiga just won't boot.

Availability: SOLD OUT.

Download issue 7 in PDF format (5330K).


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