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Total Amiga has ceased publication and subscriptions are no longer available. If you are interested in a current Amiga magazine please consider subscribing to Amiga Future, who have taken over existing Total Amiga subscriptions with their new English edition.


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Amiga Future is publising a new English edition of their magazine beginning in early July 2007.

The magazine will be similar in format to Total Amiga with an A4 size, about 52 pages and colour covers. While Total Amiga was published approximately quarterly, Amiga Future English will be published six times a year at the same time as the German edition. There is also an optional cover CD. For further information please visit the Amiga Future English web site.

We encourage you to consider supporting the new English Edition of Amiga Future by subscribing or pre-ordering the first issue. Online ordering is available from the Amiga Future shop.

Note: Amiga Future orders are handled directly by Amiga Future.


Back Issues

Our remaining stocks of Total Amiga back issues have been transfered to and other Total Amiga distribtors still have stock of some issues. You can find a local distributor on our Buying Total Amiga via a Local Distributor page.

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