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The Total Amiga Archive CD box and logo.

The Total Amiga Archive CD is a high-quality CD collection of Total Amiga issues 1-20.

Find out more:

  • Introduction explaining why we made the CD and why you might like it.
  • Details of exactly what is include in the package.
  • Order your copy now, check out our money-saving bundles of the Archive CD with back issues.


At Total Amiga we're often asked for copies of out-of-print back issues by readers looking for a particular article or wanting to complete their Total Amiga collection. While we make these issues available for download on this web site, we cannot offer high quality versions due to bandwidth restrictions and the magazines are formatted for on-screen viewing making them difficult to print.

To solve both these problems we have produced this reasonably priced CD archive. On the disc you will find the first twenty issues of Total Amiga magazine (issues 1-9 are under our original name, "Clubbed"). Each issue is presented in PDF format at a much higher quality than we are able to host on this web site. In addition to a version optimised for on-screen reading, each issue is also included in a version with the pages in the correct order for you to print yourself.

You might like to own this CD just to access a particular article or tutorial or to complete your Total Amiga collection. If you want to use it for reference purposes we have included several indexes covering the articles in all the included magazines. For anyone interested in the Amiga's recent history, you will find much of the last six years covered within the magazines' pages.

As well as receiving a useful source of information and an interesting historical reference, your purchase of this CD also helps us to continue enhancing Total Amiga with improvements such as the additional colour pages introduced in issue 24.


  • Content
    • The first 20 issues of Total Amiga magazine (issues 1-9 under the name "Clubbed").
    • Over 200 full-length articles including news, features, reviews and tutorials.
    • High quality PDFs, much better quality than those on this web site.
    • Each issue is available in page order for reading on-screen and print order for printing yourself.
    • Most images in the magazines are in colour.
    • An archive of the Amiga's recent history from October 1998 to April 2005.
  • Indexing
    • Complete list of articles in Alphabetical order.
    • Complete list of articles in topic order.
    • Complete list of articles grouped by magazine section.
    • All indexes are hyperlinked to provide easy access to the referenced issue.
    • Full details of each issue include contents list, publication date, number of pages etc.
  • Presentation
    • DVD-style case with a colour printed insert.
    • Full colour printed CD.
    • High-quality 100 year archival life Verbatim CD-R media.


The dic can be used on any computer with an optical drive capable of reading a CD-ROM (basically any optical drive) and a compatible PDF reader utility. The PDFs have been tested with the following readers and were found to be compatible:

  • AmiPDF (Amiga OS 4)
  • APDF (MorphOS)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 (Mac OS X and Windows)
  • Preview (Mac OS X)

Important: due to the lack of a suitable PDF generator, the PDFs on this disc are NOT compatible with APDF for Amiga OS 3.x.

How to Order

The Total Amiga Archive CD has sold out and is no longer available direct from Total Amiga. Some of our distributors including Alinea Computer (Germany) and (UK) still have stock of the disc. Please visit their web sites to order.

Note: Due to the sell-out, Archive CD bundles are no longer available.

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