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Archive - Total Amiga Ceased Publication in April 2007

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Issue 26

Our latest issue with:

  • ACube Systems interview
  • AmigaOS 4 Final review
  • IBrowse 2.4 review
  • MindSpace tutorial
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Hot News!

16th April 2010 - Amiga 25th Anniversary This Summer

It will be an amazing 25 years since the Amiga 1000's introduction during the summer of 2010. Various events are being held across the world to celebrate the anniversary, find out more at the Amiga 25th Anniversary Site.

Of particular interest to UK Amigans are the celebrations being organised by the ANT and LAG user groups at the Vintage Computer Festival being held at Bletchley Park on the 19th and 20th of June. Robert Williams, ex-editor of Total Amiga and possibly some other Total Amiga contributors are planning to be at the event, we hope to see lots of Amigans there!

14th December 2007 - Total Amiga Back Issues

Our remaining stocks of Total Amiga back issues have been transfered to and will be appearing on their web site shortly. To check availability and order, go to the AmigaKit web site and select the "magazines/books" category.

The Total Amiga web site will remain available for reference but the online ordering options have been disabled.

Amiga Future English

Amiga Future Issue Cover Amiga Future is now being published in English (alongside the existing German edition). As Total Amiga has now ceased publication we recommend Amiga Future English as an excellent alternative.

Amiga Future is published bi-monthly (six times per year), each issue has approximately 52 pages with colour printed covers. There is also an optional cover CD which often contains full versions of games and utilities.

You can find much more information about Amiga Future, including details of the latest issue and sample articles, on its web site (select English language on the left hand side).

Online ordering is available from the Amiga Future shop.

Total Amiga subscribers with outstanding issues on their subscription should now be receiving Amiga Future in place of Total Amiga.

7th April 2007 - Total Amiga Magazine to Cease Publication

South Essex Amiga Link regrets to announce that our popular print Amiga magazine, Total Amiga, is to cease publication. Issue 26, which has just been completed, will be the final issue of the magazine and is due to be published on 23rd April 2007. The closure has come about because our editor and publisher, Robert Williams, has decided to step down after over eight years working on the magazine.

Total Amiga has built up a large and supportive readership so we want to ensure our subscribers continue to receive a quality Amiga magazine in English. To this end, SEAL have come to an agreement with the German magazine Amiga Future that they will fulfill outstanding Total Amiga subscriptions. To do this Amiga Future will launch a new English edition of their magazine in July 2007.

Amiga Future English will be a translated version of the current German Amiga Future. The magazine will be similar in format to Total Amiga with an A4 size, about 52 pages and colour covers. While Total Amiga is published approximately quarterly, Amiga Future English will be published six times a year at the same time as the German edition. For further information please visit the Amiga Future English web site.

The transfer of subscriptions to Amiga Future will happen automatically so existing Total Amiga subscribers do not need to take any action.

We have enjoyed producing Total Amiga over the years and thank everyone who has contributed to the magazine in any way for their help. We would also like to thank everyone who has purchased or subscribed to Total Amiga for their support. If you are currently a subscriber rest assured that we will do our utmost to ensure a smooth transition to Amiga Future. If you have any questions, we have added questions and answers on the closure to our FAQs page, of you are also welcome to contact us via e-mail if you have any questions.

Hot News!

Total Amiga was an A4 printed Amiga magazine published by South Essex Amiga Link between October 1998 and April 2007. The magazine aimed to cover all aspects of the Amiga from a users point of view with honest and realistic articles. Each issue had a selection of news, product reviews, hints and tips, tutorials and opinion. The magazine was contributed to by a variety of writers, some regular and others sending in the odd piece now and then.

For the first nine issues, Total Amiga was called "Clubbed". Cover images and contents of all 26 issues produced can be found on the Back Issues and Current Issue pages.

Total Amiga was produced entirely on the Amiga using PageStream 4 and a variety of other software. We tried to maintain a high quality throughout the magazine and were praised for our production values. For more details on Total Amiga's production take a look at our Behind the Scenes section.

Following the publication of issue 26, all Total Amiga subscriptions were transfered to a new English edition of Amiga Future magazine. We plan to keep this web site available as a resource to Amiga users for as long as possible.

Total Amiga was a non-profit publication and all the contributors and everyone who worked on it gave their time for free as a service to the Amiga community.

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