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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to common questions about Total Amiga. If you have a question that is not answered here, don't hesitate to contact us.

Total Amiga Closure

Why is Total Amiga closing?

After over 8 years working on the magazine Total Amiga's editor, Robert Williams, has decided to step down. No one else within SEAL was able to take over the editorship so we explored a number of possible ways to continue Total Amiga, We decided the best solution was to close the magazine and transfer existing subscribers to a new English edition of Amiga Future.

Is the closure of Total Amiga due to financial problems or the state of the Amiga market?

No, Total Amiga is financially stable and has a strong subscriber base. The closure was brought about by the personal decision of the editor.

Which is the last issue and when will it be published?

The last Total Amiga will be issue 26 which is due to be published in April 2007.

I have a subscription to Total Amiga, what will happen to my remaining issues?

We have come to an agreement with German Amiga Magazine Amiga Future that they will fulfil the remainder of your subscription with a new English edition of their magazine.

Why did you choose Amiga Future to take over existing Total Amiga subscriptions?

Amiga Future is a well respected, high quality magazine in many ways similar to Total Amiga and has a track record of producing magazines regularly over a long period. We felt they were the best match for Total Amiga subscribers and we feel confident they will provide a quality English Amiga magazine for years to come.

I've always fancied running an Amiga magazine, why didn't you give me a chance to take over Total Amiga?

We want there to continue to be a quality English language Amiga magazine available. Having run a successful Amiga magazine for some years, we felt that Amiga Future were in the best position to do this.

How many issues of Amiga Future will I get for my Total Amiga subscription?

You will receive one issue of Amiga Future English edition for each issue that is outstanding on your Total Amiga subscription after issue 26.

Will Amiga Future English edition continue the special print run for US and Canadian readers?

No, all copies of Amiga Future will be despatched from the publishers in Germany.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg Condon who has organised the printing and distribution of Total Amiga in the US and Canada on our behalf.

I have a subscription to Total Amiga and I do not want to be transferred to Amiga Future, what do I do?

Please let us know by e-mail, phone or postal mail as soon as possible and we will ensure that none of your details are transferred to Amiga Future. We will then arrange to refund you for the remainder of your subscription.

My subscription runs out with Total Amiga issue 26, how do I continue my subscription with Amiga Future English edition?

You can purchase a new subscription to Amiga Future English edition on their web site.

What will happen when my Total Amiga subscription expires?

You will have the opportunity to continue your subscription with Amiga Future if you wish to do so.

I notice that Amiga Future has an optional Cover CD, how do I upgrade the remaining issues of my Total Amiga subscription to include the CD?

You can pay the difference in cost to add the CD to your remaining Total Amiga subscription copies. The prices will be as follows:

1 issue remaining = 3 Euro
2 issues remaining = 6 Euro
3 issue remaining = 9 Euro

Please contact Amiga Future for further details and to place your order.

Why is a subscription to Amiga Future more expensive than one to Total Amiga?

The first thing to realise is that Amiga Future is published 6 times a year compared to Total Amiga's 4 times per year, this means that, for UK, European and US subscribers, the per issue cost is only slightly more expensive than Total Amiga. For subscribers in the Rest of the World the subscription cost per issue is cheaper.

For most readers there will be a slight increase in the cost of each issue, this is due to differences in the postage costs between the UK (where Total Amiga is published) and Germany (where Amiga Future English edition will be published).

I already have a subscription to the German edition of Amiga Future and I don't want to receive the English edition too, what should I do?

Please e-mail us and we will ensure that your Total Amiga subscription is added to your existing Amiga Future subscription.

After I have received issue 26 of Total Amiga, who should I contact about problems with my subscription?

In the first instance please contact Amiga Future.

If you still have problems or if there seems to have been an issue with the transfer of your subscription information then feel free to contact Robert Williams.

How can I contact Amiga Future?

You can visit the English part of the Amiga Future web site at:

Alternatively contact their editor, Andreas Magerl via e-mail:

Will Robert, Mick and the other members of the Total Amiga team still be involved in the Amiga community?

Yes, you can't get rid of us that easily! We remain Amiga enthusiasts and expect to continue participating in the Amiga community. In fact we hope to have more time to spend on other Amiga related projects.

Other Questions

Can I have an article from Total Amiga to publish in my own magazine or on my website?

In general we like to keep Total Amiga's content exclusive, especially when an issue is current. There are a few exceptions to that rule, in particular we're usually quite happy for Total Amiga articles to be translated and published in non-English language magazines and web sites.

So if you want to use some Total Amiga content please let us know and we will consider your request. You should also note that the copyright of articles remains the property of their author so we have to clear it with each article's author before releasing it to you.

Who writes the un-credited sections?

In most Total Amiga articles you can find the name of the author in the strap-line at the top of the article or right at the end of items without a strap-line. Un-credited pieces are usually written by the editor, Robert Williams.

Why don't you accept credit cards directly?

Accepting credit cards, especially on-line, is expensive. For an organisation like SEAL which is not a business it is almost impossible. Fortunately UK Amiga retailer Forematt Home Computing accepts credit card payments on our behalf. Forematt have on-line ordering facilities and can accept telephone orders. More details are on the Order page.

You can now also order subscriptions and copies of Total Amiga paying via PayPal, this means you can use your credit card or an existing PayPal balance. To use the service you have to signup for a PayPal account during the order process if you don't already have one. For more information take a look at the PayPal section of our Order page.

How is Total Amiga delivered?

Under plain cover in a discrete manilla envelope :-)

More seriously the magazine is sent to UK destinations via second class mail, this usually takes two or three days. Overseas copies are sent via Air Mail, the time they take to arrive varies on the location. Some overseas subscribers tell us that their magazine arrives within a day or two, some take longer. In general UK subscribers should allow a week and overseas subscribers two weeks from the posting date before contacting us about a magazine that has not arrived.

More Questions?

What do I do if my question isn't answered here?

If your question isn't covered please contact the editor and he will attempt to answer it for you and, if appropriate, add the question to this page.

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