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Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 4 in PDF format (3702K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date: 22nd January 2000 First Birthday Issue!

Issue Status: Complete

Non-advertising Pages: 39.5

We've just managed to sneak the first news of Amino's buyout of Amiga into this issue which is a bit of a scoop! We also have a massive interview with Fleecy Moss of Amino, taken before the buyout was announced but containing some interesting insights.

We concentrate on graphics for most of this issues with the reviews of Photogenics and ImageFX linking with the Layers tutorial which covers both packages. We hope beginners and more experienced users will find our features on CDROMs and DOSDrivers useful too.

Anyway on with the final contents...


  • News
    • News Flash - Amino Buys Amiga - We have Bill McEwans first executive update and SEAL member's initial reaction to the news.
    • Coverage of happenings in the Amiga world and new releases.
    • Games Update - The latest games releases and what's comming up in 2000.
  • Features
    • Amiga: the future? - A summary of the changes at Amiga since issue 3 and a look at some of the players in the post-Gateway market.
    • Interview with Fleecy Moss
    • CDROM Explained - How to choose and install a CDROM drive on your Amiga. Plus a roundup of the best CD-related utilities.
  • Reviews
    • Olympus C1000L Digital camera
    • CamControl
    • BMon Monitor Switcher
    • Photogenics 4.1
    • ImageFX 4
    • IBrowse 2.1
    • EXTower Mk IV
    • T-Zer0
    • Wasted Dreams
    • The Wanderer - Jogeir Liljedahl's first CD.
    • VisionFX - PPC Hooks for ImageFX
  • Support
    • Back to Basics - DosDrivers
    • Installing a CD-ROM tutorial
    • Layers - What they are and how to use them in Photogenics 4.1 and ImageFX.

Availability SOLD OUT.

Download issue 4 in PDF format (3702K).


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