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Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 12 in PDF format (2188K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date: 23rd August 2002

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 42


  • News
    • The latest on AmigaOne and OS4
    • Columns from Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse
  • Features
    • ADSL - What you need to get your Amiga hooked up to broadband Internet.
    • NTL - Getting your Amiga hooked up to a cable modem.
  • Reviews
    • ADSL Ethernet router
    • Highway USB Interface
    • Feeble Files
    • NEC TFT LCD Monitor
    • PD Paradise:
    • Roundup of taskbar and "Start" menu utilities.
    • Jabberwocky
  • Support
    • Router setup tutorial for UK ADSL.
    • Introduction to LCD monitor technology on the Amiga.
    • Creating tables in PageStream 4.1.
    • Composing a photo panorama in ImageFX.

Availability: SOLD OUT.


Support Files
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The completed panorama. Here you can download the files for our ImageFX panorama tutorial. The four JPEGs are the orginal photos and the INGF is the completed composition.
St.Ives_Panorama1.JPG (413K)
St.Ives_Panorama2.JPG (384K)
St.Ives_Panorama3.JPG (346K)
St.Ives_Panorama4.JPG (335K)
St.IvesPanorama.ingf (Layered ImageFX file) (14M)
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Download issue 12 in PDF format (2188K).


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