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Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 11 in PDF format (1809K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date: 17th May 2002

Issue Status: Complete

Non-advertising Pages: 43


  • News
    • Alt.WOA Show Report
    • AmigaOS 4 Update
    • AmigaOne Feature from Alan Redhouse of Eyetech
    • Column from Fleecy Moss of Amiga
  • Features
    • x86 Emulation - We take a look at the three commercial Amiga emulators, Amiga Forever 5, AmigaXL and Amithlon.
    • Cable Rounding - How to modify ribbon cables to improve airflow in your case.
  • Reviews
    • PageStream 4.1
    • AmigaWriter 2.20
    • NewsCoaster
    • Charon
    • Cordless Optical Mouse
    • SpaceWalker Mini PC - How well does Eyetech's mini PC run Amiga emulators?
  • Support
    • Introduction to MIDI on the Amiga Don't miss the support files for this tutorial below
    • SCALA Tutorial
    • Directory Opus Tutorial Part 2
    • Perfect Paint Compositing Tutorial Don't miss the support files for this tutorial below

Availability: SOLD OUT, PDF available.


Support Files
spacer spacer spacer spacer
MIDI Keyboard Here are the sound files to go with Geoff Milne's "Introduction to MIDI on the Amiga" feature.
fantasy.mid (13K)
fantasy.mp3 (3070K)
friends.mp3 (4139K)
The completed tutorial image. These are the images used in the Perfect Paint compositing tutorial so you can recreate it for yourself.
horseman.jpg (387K)
windmill.jpg (346K)
walk.jpg (400K)
spacer spacer spacer spacer

Download issue 11 in PDF format (1809K).


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