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Back Issues 6 to 9

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Download issues in PDF format, this preserves the original layout of the magazine including images and can be viewed with utilities like APDF on the Amiga and Adobe Acrobat on the PC and Mac.

Currently only older back issues are available as PDFs. We plan to upload PDFs for the newer issues in Spring 2009.

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To keep their size reasonable the PDF files have been created using image compression which reduces the image quality somewhat, however this means the files are about 3-4Mb as opposed to 70-100Mb without compression.

Some of the images (particularly in the older issues) are rendered too large, sometimes this just looks ugly and sometimes it actually obscures some of the text. We have seen this problem before when generating PostScript files for printing and it seems to be a bug in PageStream's PostScript output. As this problem takes a while to fix and is mostly cosmetic I have decided to upload the files as they are, if there is a particular article which you would like me to fix please let me know:

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Listed below are all the issues of Total Amiga and Clubbed that we published (excluding issue 26 which is in the Current Issue section). For a detailed contents list follow the "More details..." link.

Print back issue are no longer available from Total Amiga. Some issue may still be available from our dealers.

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Issue 9

Cover Image
  • Payback PPC Preview
  • DTP Explained feature
  • Mediator Multimedia CD First Look
  • ArtEffect PlugIns Collection
  • Epson Stylus Photo 790
  • Shogo
  • DTP Tutorial
  • IRC Tutorial
More details...
Download issue 9 in PDF format (3959K).

Issue 8

Cover Image
  • Reader's Wives (you'll just have to read it to find out!)
  • Networking - We cover all kinds of network from null-modem cables to Ethernet.
  • Photogenics 5
  • Earth 2140
  • Samba Printing - How to print from your Amiga to a Windows PC and vice versa.
  • Draw Studio Tutorial - A simple project using bitmap and vector elements.
More details...
Download issue 8 in PDF format (1304K).

Issue 7

Cover Image
  • Interview with Paul "ExiE" Strejcek of Czech Amiga News.
  • AmigaOS 3.9 - Our first look at the new OS.
  • fxSCAN 3.0 - The new scanning package with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • ArtEffect 4 - The latest version of Haage and Partner's image processor.
  • EZMouse PS/2 - Connect common PC mice and track balls to your Amiga!
  • ArtEffect 4 Tutorial - We show you how to make a layered composition in AE4.
  • Solving Startup Problems - Ideas on what to look for when your Amiga just won't boot.
More details...
Download issue 7 in PDF format (5330K).

Issue 6

Cover Image
  • Interview with Gary Peake, Amiga's Developer support manager.
  • Acceleration, 68k and PPC accelerators explained.
  • MorphOS - first impressions of the public beta version.
  • PageStream 4 - an extensive review of the application used to create Clubbed.
  • Heretic II Review.
  • Workbench 3.5 - we uncover some of the small features that make the new OS a pleasure to use.
More details...
Download issue 6 in PDF format (4636K).

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