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Issue status: May be available from our distributors.

Release Date: 17th March 2006

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 46 (52 pages in total)


  • Features
    • Amiga OS 4 Update.
    • Amiga OS 4 Prerelease Update 4 First Impressions.
    • Mick's Tale of Woe, Update.
    • Internet Radio and Podcasting.
    • Interview with Stephen Fellner (author of DVPlayer).
    • Dave Haynie Interview part one.
    • Internet Radio and Podcasting feature.
  • Reviews
    • AmiPhoto.
    • ANotice 2.
    • Hollywood 2.0.
    • Poseidon 3.2.
    • SATA PCI Card.
    • TuneNet.
    • AmiNetRadio.
    • MorphOS SDL Games.
  • Support
    • What is SATA?
    • Subscribing to Podcasts with AmiPodder tutorial.

Availability: In stock for immediate despatch.

Corrections & Additional Information

TuneNet Review - Page 43

Discussion with the author of TuneNet has revealed that the poor sound quality observed by Sean (the author of the review) and confirmed by Robert (the editor) was actually caused by configuration settings rather than by any problem with TuneNet itself. If you experience poor quality playback from TuneNet be sure to check that you are using a "HiFi 16 bit stereo++" audio mode for your AHI music unit and that the same mode is selected in TuneNet preferences.

Poseidon 3 Review - Page 36

After this issue went to the printers version 3.3 of Poseidon was released by its author. This version includes a new driver for USB MIDI devices which supports the CAMD standard and fixes some of the installation glitches we reported. Download the new version from the Poseidon web site.

Spotted an Error in This Issue?

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