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Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 22 in PDF format (3229K).

Release Date: 12th November 2005

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 48 (52 pages in total)


  • News
    • Roundup of Amiga related news items.
    • Troika Amy'05 special news feature.
  • Features
    • Amiga OS 4 Update.
    • MorphOS Update.
    • Big Bash 3 show report.
    • Amigathering 6 show report.
    • Interview with Jamie Krueger of Bit by Bit.
    • Interview with Dave Fisher and David Burström of the IBrowse team.
    • Micro AmigaOne audio update.
  • Reviews
    • DVPlayer.
    • Amiga Forever 2005 Premium Edition.
    • AmiDisk, OS 4 native file manager.
    • X-Net RSS.
    • Broken Sword.
    • Battle for Wesnoth.
    • Rexx Programmer's Reference book review.
    • On the Edge book preview.
  • Support
    • Optimising Graphics Memory Usage in OS 4 tutorial.
    • World of Wi-Fi including security tutorial.

Availability: Sold Out.

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Download issue 22 in PDF format (3229K).


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