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Cover of issue 14
Issue status: Sold out! Download issue 14 in PDF format (3521K).
Also available on Total Amiga Archive CD 1.

Release Date: 14th March 2003

Issue Status: Complete.

Non-advertising Pages: 44 (with a total of 52 pages this is our biggest issue so far!)


  • News
    • WoASE Show Report.
    • The latest on AmigaOne and OS4.
    • Updates on Pegasos and MorphOS.
    • Columns from Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse.
  • Features
    • Web Design on the Amiga - An introduction to creating your own web pages with reviews of HTML editors and other useful software.
    • The show must go on - find out just what it takes to put on an Amiga show.
    • Flashback
    • Tales of Tamar Update
  • Reviews
    • Elbox Spider USB
    • Hollywood - find out all about this brand new multimedia application
    • SoundFX 4.2
    • Quake 2
    • Software Tycoon
    • PD Paradise: this month we look at PicShow and ReportPlus
  • Support
    • Top Tips
    • Poseidon HID device configuration tutorial.
    • Customising GoldED Tutorial.

Availability: SOLD OUT.


On page 21 the caption to the top left image states "WebPlug is the Amiga's only graphical HTML editor." when the caption's wording and the screengrab shown are actually refering to MetalWeb.


Support Files
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Some useful resources for the features in this issue:

HTML Reference - A page of links to interesting sites on web design to accompany our feature. This list was compiled by David Kennedy.
SongPlayer_PlayPause.rexx - The AREXX script used to control SongPlayer in the Poseidon HID tutorial.

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Download issue 14 in PDF format (3521K).


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